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Chennai has been a leader in the field of special education for many years. School teachers and parents are quite sensitive to the problem of learning difficulties and are now willing to seek professional help. Unfortunately, the field of special education is short of trained and committed professionals. The problem is accentuated by the fact that the process is very effort and time intensive.

To address this need, diksa, a centre set up by Sudha Ganesh to help children with learning disabilities through one-to-one remediation in reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic has been offering a one month tutor training course to help and prepare tutors interested in obtaining specific skills to teach children with learning difficulties.

diksa also conducts Tutor training course for those who are interested in obtaining specific skills to teach children with learning difficulties.


Graduate in any discipline with a sound knowledge of English.

Course coverage
  • Theories of intelligence
  • Types of learning disorders
  • Language processing disorders in children
  • Structured Phonics
  • Writing skills
  • Multi-sensory remedial teaching
  • Dyscalculia
  • Comprehension
  • The lesson plan
  • Informal assessment
  • .
Course methodology

This course includes observation and hands-on training in remedial teaching. At the end of the class-room inputs, teachers will observe actual remedial work to help understand and assimilate the remedial teaching techniques being put to work. They will also undergo a formal evaluation to test their grasp of the fundamentals.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the course, teachers will have more than one career option to choose from. They may either choose to work in a full-time remedial school or take up one-to-one remedial work from home, after adequate on-the-job training and guidance. For more information please contact Sujatha at phone: +91 44 28156301 or mobile: +91 99404 � 65067 ore-mail Sudha Ganesh at sudha@diksa.co.in