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Malavika joined Diksa in class 2 when her school informed us about her having a Specific Learning Disability � Dyslexia.
Malavika attended Diksa for 3 years. In the first year she was under the capable guidance of Vanaja ma�am. For the next two years she was with Padmaja ma�am, who patiently and tirelessly worked with Malavika to bring out the best in her. Malavika learnt to organize her thoughts, her work and her learning. I was desperate to see my child read and write. As a result of the hard work of Instructors in Diksa, I saw my child reading, writing and expressing herself. The behavioral changes in her were also evident.
Diksa also organized Annual Functions on a regular basis, which improved Malavika�s confidence and she was able to overcome her stage fright.
Sudha ma�am, is a pillar of strength, under whose remarkable supervision and guidance Diksa is doing an uphill task of shaping the future of our children.
Today whatever Malavika has learned is because of the sincere efforts and hard work put in by Diksa in her. Now Malavika is in class VI and coping well with the studies. She is getting help from a scribe to write her exams and learns her lessons though with many repetitions. I am hopeful for a bright future for her.
My sincere thanks to Diksa for shaping the foundation of learning in Malavika.

Archana Prasad

Our son Vasanth used to be a normal playful child. When he was in 2nd std, we noticed that he was neither bringing any written work from school nor doing homework properly. All our methods to make him write didn’t bear fruit. We met his class teacher. Though she told that Vasanth was unable to sit in a place, kept distracting other kids, not writing, not paying attention etc, she also praised him as very smart and intelligent boy and he knew the answers to all questions. We were perplexed. We came to know about a friend having a child with similar problems and with his help, we took Vasanth for assessment.
Vasanth was diagnosed as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) child with dyslexia. Vasanth was having specific learning disability. When we were at cross roads to decide how to proceed further, we came to know of Mrs. Sudha of ‘diksa’. She started one to one remediation for Vasanth and treated him with a very positive approach. Slowly he started getting interested in studies and liked to write. She took care of his overall development. She guided us too as to how to treat the child and the ways through which we can enhance his learning and support him. Purely due to her untiring efforts, Vasanth finished up to 8th std in a matriculation school and completed his 10th through a special school. He came out with flying colours in 10th std [State board].He scored over 80% and is now getting ready to face his 12th board exams.
We would like to thank Mrs. Sudha and ‘diksa’ immensely without whom our son would not have been what he is today. Once again we take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Sudha.


My daughter Sahiti is 7 years old and has ADHD. I first noticed that something was wrong when she was 6 years. She couldn’t sit still and was always on the move. She was unusually talkative, would not respond to an adult calling her and she still had problems with writing. She was also an extremely weak child, fell ill very often and missed school a lot. Since she never had problems crossing growth milestones, in fact she missed some of them – she didn’t crawl at all and walked after she learnt to sit – I didn’t know what symptoms I should look for, but my instinct told me something was not right. At that point, her school teachers too felt she required an assessment by a qualified professional and suggested I take my daughter to diksa. After the assessment I was told that she required remedial help.
She has been with diksa since June 2009. When she joined diksa she couldn’t hold a pencil let alone write. By the first term she was able to read the alphabet and put words together. Now in to her second term, she is able to read simple sentences and do arithmetic. diksa has had a tremendous influence on the way she is learning and behaving with adults and her peers. Her teachers combine occupational therapy with special education and tailor the learning to suit the specific needs of the child. The child gets one to one remedial help. What is unique to diksa is that the child is treated as an individual and complete in herself. That for me is how learning ought to begin. I wish to thank diksa for enabling me to understand my daughter’s learning better.

Mrudula Govindaraju

When my son was assessed as dyslexic my world came crashing down about me. It was after a few trying days that I met Sudha at diksa. Since then the diksa team has been a real help, both in teaching my boy how to read and in showing me how to help him. When I see him avidly reading fiction above his grade level I can only remember the wonderful transformation that the diksa team has effected upon this child who found nursery rhymes difficult. Thank you all at diksa.

A Parent

My son was very calm and shy. He used to get low marks in exams because of spelling mistakes in spite of his hard work. I was very worried about his academics and knew he had some difficulties, but at that time I did not know anything about the problem of “Learning difficulties”

Latter I came to know about diksa through my family friend and they did a detailed evaluation about my son’s ability with the help of Alpha to Omega’s assessment report. As per their advice and encouragement my son was admitted for the remedial class at his VI std and happily continued his classes up to X std without any break.

Slowly he started improving his skills and with his hard work he secured 85% in X std in the matriculation board.

By following the study skills taught at diksa he got 89% in +2 [state board] Exams. With this motivation and confidence, now he is doing his I year B.Tech in Bio-Informatics.

Today as a proud parent I am writing this note and I thank Mrs.Sudha &Mrs. Lalitha for their care and support in bringing about a bright future for my son.

A Parent

Rahul was 7 years old when he joined diksa and could not read or write much, now at 9 years diksa has prepared him so well that he can read or write anything. diksa adopts different methods to develop cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social skills.

My son loves his teacher, Ms.Sujatha to whom I’m thankful for her care and support.

A Parent