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  1. One-to-one remediation in reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and arithmetic for children with dyslexia / ADHD.
  2. This involves customized lesson plans and tutoring for each child for a minimum of two to three hours a week for a sustained period of at least two years.
    Children undergoing this remediation have mild to moderate level of learning difficulties and come from main stream schools.
    This is preceded by a parent interview and an assessment.

  3. Pull-out programme for moderate to severe dyslexic children from main stream schools
  4. Our pull out program is for children at the primary school level (I toV std) where the level of difficulty is severe.
    This program is done in collaboration with the school.
    Children attend remedial classes at diksa, during school hours, on all days of the week, for at least two years. Remediation is child specific and intensive.
    Progress of the child is closely monitored and reported to the school at regular intervals. Once the child reaches grade level he goes back to his mainstream school. diksa continues to support the child with the remedial intervention in the evenings.