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What is LD?

The learning disabled (LD) child is not ready on time. He is disorganized and immature rather than abnormal.

The LD child can't make sense of what he receives through his senses, even though all his senses, sight, hearing etc are still intact.

The messages he receives are jumbled and scattered. He is distractible and people think he is not paying attention, but in fact, he may be paying too much attention to too many things.

The term LD includes dyslexia (reading difficulty) dysgraphia (writing difficulty) dyscalculia (math difficulty). These difficulties may be further complicated by ADHD {attention deficit hyperactive disorder} or ADD {attention deficit disorder}. If by the third grade a child is really not able to do well and a good deal of the symptoms described above are present, then it is worth seeking professional help.


Professional help and how it works

The first step is to meet a special educator who will conduct a preliminary interview (intake) with the parents to gather information about the child..

Based on the information, the special educator will recommend a psychological assessment or screening test for the diagnosis of the child's area of difficulty.

If the test confirms a learning difficulty, then the special educator/psychologist recommends the ideal kind of remediation suitable for the child.

Recommended books for reading

  1. No Easy Answers by Sally Smith.
  2. Overcoming Dyslexia by Beve Hornsby.
  3. Out of Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz.
  4. Out of Sync Child has Fun byCarol Kranowitz.
  5. The True Gift of Dyslexia by R.D.Davis.