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What parents can do?

 The most important thing that a parent must do is to accept the child with all his strengths & difficulties. Accept the fact that he has certain problems and assist him in coping with them rather than comparing him unfavorably with other high achievers.

Both parents need to work together.

Give structure to the child's life. There should be a fixed place for everything, and fixed time for all his activities.

Always talk to the child in a moderate tone. Be precise in your language and talk in short sentences. Use gestures to reinforce your words.

Do not compare him unfavourably with your other children. Recognise his individuality.

Make his learning as experiential as possible. Encourage him to think differently and creatively.

Explore new professions, which challenge and satisfy him for eg. Drama, graphics, music, sports etc
Parents must remember that the defeat that is so often experienced by an LD child and the accompanying fear, anger and guilt and most of all the anxiety experienced by the parents can cause severe emotional strain.

If a child feels completely lost in his academics, if his coping skills are deteriorating, then it is very important to seek professional help.

Here are some simple tips for parents: