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In a career spanning over thirty years, Mrs.Sudha Ganesh has been dedicated to teaching children with specific learning difficulties.

Sudha is one of the early entrants in the field of dyslexia. She has had the opportunity to personally offer one-to-one remedial support to over 250 children.

diksa launched a unique partial pull-out program in the year 2005 in partnership with several main stream schools.

Sudha firmly believes that special education has to be seen as a serious profession if it has to attract good talent and benefit students.

To this end, Sudha has trained over 200 teachers to become qualified special educators and offer remedial support for schools like Sankalp, S.I.E.T Dyslexia Centre, GRT School, V- Excel educational trust, Samvardhana and Srishti in addition to diksa. Many of her tutor trainees have established very meaningful careers in the field of special education.

She has also trained over 100 children in the Instrumental enrichment program meant to teach children thinking skills and thereby enhance their IQ.

diksa is one of the few centers that continue to emphasis upon one-to-one remedial support.

Sudha Ganesh is a post-graduate in child development and family relations. She completed her Masters from JBAS (S.I.E.T) College in 1990. She did her graduation in Nutrition and Dietetics from WCC, Chennai.

During her thesis submission, she had a chance meeting with Mrs. Lalitha Ramanujan of Alpha to Omega learning centre. Mrs. Ramanujan who is a pioneer in the field of specific learning disabilities inspired her to take up special education as a career.

Her professional training includes the following:
  1. Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties, Alpha to Omega Learning Centre (awarded by The Hornsby Centre, London) - 1990
  2. Teacher Training at Madras Dyslexia Association - 1992
  3. Teaching Approaches for Students with specific learning difficulties at Alpha to Omega Learning Centre - 1996
  4. Diploma in Structural Cognitive Modifiability (I.E), ICELP Jerusalem - Phase I to Phase III - 1996 - 1999
  5. Certificate in Three in One Concepts in Basic One Brain & Tools of the Trade
  6. Corporate I.E - 1997
  7. Strategies Intervention model - 1999
  8. Montessori Method of teaching Math - 2000
  9. Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD), ICELP Jerusalem - 2003
  10. Participation in the International Conferences for Learning Disabilities - 1998, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2011 and 2013.

Special education is a field that requires a very high level of empathy, perseverance and determination. Sudha feels that her experience in the field has enriched her as a person and helped her become more accepting of diversity in skills and abilities in everyone around her.

Sudha was recently honoured by the Rotary Club of Madras North with the Rotnorth Aasan Award for her contribution to the field.

She was also honoured by CHILD- Centre for holistic integrated learning and development for her outstanding service and dedication towards individuals with learning difficulties.