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We are happy to announce that diksa is launching diksa Centre for Cognitive Enhancement for Young adults, a new initiative to help youngsters. Today many young adults face challenges in the areas of communication, maintaining relationships, financial / career / time management, regulation and control of behaviour, decision making, conceptual thinking, problem solving etc.

In an attempt to help these youngsters, diksa has started an exclusive one to one cognitive skills enhancement program.

The program includes

  • Thinking skills (hypothetical and representational thinking, planning behavior, problem solving and decision making, goal setting and goal achieving behavior, analysis and synthesis, empathy, creativity etc.).
  • Learning strategies.
  • Creating awareness about the challenges (advantages and disadvantages) that the person is likely to face.

The goal of this cognitive enhancement program is to equip the individual with the necessary cognitive skills to handle various life situations (personal and professional) independently and effectively. The program will help the young adult to set realistic goals and achieve success with a feeling of competence and optimism.

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