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A guide for parents & teachers

At home

Rahul is so good, he tries so hard, but why can't he learn?

When will Shoba learn the days of the week, her multiplication tables, and the months of the year in sequence?

Abdul has such creative ideas and can talk about anything in the world, but why are his marks so poor?

Ravi is so bright but why can't he read?

Why can't my son sit still for 5 minutes?

When will my 12-year-old daughter learn to tell the time from the clock?

Why can't my child follow instructions? Why is he so confused between left and right?

Why is he so careless, forgetful and irresponsible with his work and his belongings?

Does your child show any of these symptoms? As a parent have you felt exasperated, helpless and depressed?

At School

He is an intelligent child but fails in his exams

He reads 'saw' as 'was', writes b as d and p as q, 14 as 41 and can't remember the correct spellings for most common words.

He misplaces his books, loses homework, forgets the date, gets confused with the time

He can do math in his mind but makes mistakes when he writes it down.

He hates to read and more so to write but loves to talk.

He is the hyperactive child who gets into trouble at school and is often punished.

He may also be the quiet child in the classroom but learns nothing.

Does your student show any of these symptoms? As a teacher have you felt exasperated, helpless and depressed?

Chances are, he or she may be showing a learning difficulty.

Most children by age 6 are ready for formal education. The child can sort, classify, categorise, and organize information in his mind. He is ready for teaching.