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Dyslexia- A gift

Sudha Ganesh

Founder & Director at diksa learning centre

A lot has been said and written about the difficulties/disabilities that a dyslexic individual faces. But it is also a fact that they are very gifted in several ways. The brain of the dyslexic individual is differently wired. This enables them to process information differently and see things which others may miss. This unusual wiring combined with the dominance of the right brain functions help them to think out of the box.

Limitless curiosity, creativity, multi-dimensional thinking, vivid visualisations, intuition, originality, sense of humour, empathy, and ability to arrive at imaginative solutions are some of their strengths.

Famous dyslexics have reached great heights, not in spite of their dyslexia, but I would say because of their dyslexia. When information is processed visually with an innate capacity to make quick connections with seemingly unconnected pieces of information, processing speed is phenomenal. This is how information is processed in a dyslexic mind through ever evolving neural pathways.

Therefore the child needs an environment which appreciates and enhances this ability rather than focus on the "glitches" that may occur as a fallout. It is the same mind that is able to spontaneously figure out complex electrical circuits, abstract scientific algorithms, complex spatial structures, and complicated psychological thought processes that also gets confused between a 'b' and a 'd' or 'was' and 'saw'.

No two dyslexics are alike and therefore not all of them are equally talented. But it is a fact that they have different strengths which should be nurtured and enhanced. As teachers and parents it is our responsibility to encourage free thinking without imposing external constraints, insisting on uniformity & conformity.