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My progress over the years and my future

What am I doing now? How have I changed over the years? What do I see of my future? Despite the challenges I've faced at school, I finished my 10th board  exams in the samacheer syllabus with a few concessions such as extra time and with the help of a calculator for math. I would definitely have to mention Sudha ma'am for she has been my biggest inspiration by far, for her work in the field of special education. I told my 13 year old self, that someday I’d want to do what she’s doing. Having to deal with anxious parents and even more anxious children is not easy; especially in a society that values grades so much and this led me to do what I’m doing right now. Psychology.

As for my class 12 boards I wouldn’t say it went too well. But all was not lost I still did got into a college for a BSc in Psychology.

I developed an interest in the field of psychology at the age of 13. It was around the same time I started remedial at Diksa. The experience at diksa overall was quite eye opening. What fascinated me the most was the patience and care that went into helping each child.I learned that teachers could be kind and patient.

Dyslexia or any issue relating to mental health shouldn’t have to be a stigma. Yet even today, it still is. I did not realize to what extent this affected me. I’ve always wanted to be “normal”, and not stand out. I would pretend and brush it off as if it was nothing. In reality it does affect every aspect of you, as an individual and how people perceive you especially if not detected early. I've completed my Bachelor's in Psychology and I have decided to take up Counseling and Psychotherapy for my masters for which I have applied to a few universities abroad. Right now, I've taken break from academics and I’m interning at a psychiatric facility and also volunteering at diksa. I guess I have gotten quite lucky that way. It is nice to be able to see the process through the eyes of a teacher after having been a student there myself. Though I’m not too sure where I’m headed at this point, I know that somewhere along the way I would like to share what I know of dyslexia. Not because I am dyslexic, but because it is so common and yet so misunderstood. But most of all it is a necessity.